Friday, August 29, 2008

Fun News

Well I have just 2 brief announcements :) FIRST, we are heading back to Meridian tomorrow to show Brad's parents our 2 favorite houses. The Chili Pepper House and The One with the Pool - Turns out, the owners of the one with the pool (which was too pricey before) might be able to make a deal if they take the pool with them when they move!

So here are the 2 options:

The Ever Popular Chili Pepper House

AND the One with the Pool

Lastly, I wanted to share a super fun, long-anticipated Photo!

He's SMILING! Need I say more?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Is It Already August?!

Hello Again! It’s been such a busy Month! Wes has been traveling! He spent 2 weeks with his Nana and Poppy in Brookhaven and 1 week with his Granny and Papaw in Birmingham! In the meantime, Brad got the exciting news that HE GOT A NEW JOB! He’ll be working with the Department of Human Services in Meridian helping to enforce child support! We’re really excited about this great opportunity and I’m so proud of him! We should be moving sometime around the end of September or the beginning of October! Wes is really excited about this move and can’t wait to learn about a new town ☺
We actually went to look at houses one Saturday and found 2 we liked. One was a little too pricey but the other has lots of potential ☺ We talk about renovating the d├ęcor and we love the backyard. So for now, this is the forerunner:

We call it the Chili Pepper House because the kitchen has Chili Peppers in the border :)

School has also restarted and FINALLY Wes has a teacher he can be excited about! She’s a sweet young teacher who had Connor in her class in previous years so we KNOW she’ll be great! Wes thinks she’s pretty so we know he’ll pay attention ☺ haha
In other news – He is still embracing new foods and we now have two things he loves ☺ He is still loving the Chicken Alfredo and NOW he also loves Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas! He exclaimed that they were delicious because they tasted like scrambled eggs… We’ll take what we can get!

Also this month, Kim and I finally saw the culmination of all our planning… and sneakiness! We decided in March that we would throw a surprise party for Mom and Dad’s 35th Anniversary (August 11th) and this past Saturday we finally saw the results! Mom and Dad thought they were attending a Sunday School Class Social – Boy were they surprised when they walked through the door and we all shouted “Happy Anniversary!” The Sunday School Class was there in full force and we had several Louisiana Friends, too. The food was great, the friends were fun and the look on Mom and Dad’s faces was PRICELESS!
Soon enough, Brad and I will kick our House Hunting into overdrive and I’ll update you on what we see and houses we like. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with some fun shots of the party ☺

Yes WE did this to you!

Mom hugs the Skinners

Dad greets the Dinglers

The spread! and the Gorgeous Flowers, too!

Ah, yes, Memories :)

Mom and Dad finally see the Recipe Book that has been underway for months!