Sunday, November 15, 2009

Camping at Roosevelt State Park

In case you haven't heard, we went camping this weekend! And what a picture perfect weekend it was! Brad, Wes and I camped in one tent. Kim camped in Connor's tent (without Connor though) and her new friend, Chad brought his tent. Everything was so perfect: the site, the food, the weather...

Ok, I'll admit, at times, it was too cold for my taste! For example, the first night there... We shivered and froze and prayed the warm sun would rise! Saturday morning, Kim, Chad and I climbed out of our tents to the sound of owls hooting! Yep, we were up THAT early!! Luckily, the morning-time views made us forget the cold!

I packed the fun hats that Cheryl had knit and I am SO thankful I did. I think Wes and I were completely cozy in our coats and hats - and I'll even go so far as to say we looked pretty darn cute, too!

Throughout the weekend, we really were surrounded by beautiful views and I think we all took several photos of the lake alone! The fall colors and Saturday's sunset made it fairly irresistable!

Another site I enjoyed was something fairly special to see... Brad and Wes often snuck off to read together several times. I think if you look reaaalllly closely in this photo you can see it - a special bond is forming.

Saturday we took an extended walk on a few nature trails. Unfortunately, this was BEFORE we got to see a map of the trails... It's ok though, we lived to tell the tale!

As you can see, Wes kept up with the grown-ups and sometimes even outpaced us!

Along the way, we got up close and personal with nature... When it was lovely scenery we didn't mind, but when it was a spider web attacking the lead walker it wasn't so well received!!

Once we found our way to the end of the trail, we had to document our success!

We all had a wonderful time, at some wonderful food, and saw wonderful things. Sunday morning came too quickly, but I think we all packed up quickly once we envisioned turning on our heaters and climbing into our beds! We will all be looking forward to another camping trip soon... But next time we'll pack more blankets!!!
I'd say it was a picture perfect weekend! What do you think?