Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Hello Again! Wow! What a busy weekend we had - Memorial Day Weekend :) Wes had a break-through... he actually ate his first peanut butter AND JELLY sandwich :) Normally he balks at the idea of anything but peanut butter, but this time he said it was delicious! haha Is he really that picky?! Maybe one day he will eat pizza!

Sunday night, our church had a cookout so we headed there for burgers, hot dogs and fellowship :) After that, we put Brad's brainstorm into action :)He took Wes’s training wheels off and we went out to his parents’ lot... What a great idea! Wide open grassy space to practice in and sure enough it worked! Wes rode for several feet before realizing he was going solo... then there was a crash :) Nana will be happy to know that YES he had on all his protective gear and most importantly, was wearing his helmet! I really think he took right to it! Hmm maybe he gets that from Brad ;) He might be a cyclist yet! It was also great because Brad’s dad happened to stop by and he got to catch all the action! Super Fun!

For Monday, my sister and a friend from high school came over - we attempted to play Trivial Pursuit while Connor and Wes played in the sprinklers. I think it’s safe to say a good time was had by all :)

We also took another stab at our home made deep dish pizzas... I think Brad just about has it perfected, too! It was very delicious!

OH ~ and i planted some morning glories by our mailbox and at our side fence - I can't wait to see how those turn out!
As always, the weekend wasn’t long enough.. and it was a little new for me not to be out of town for Memorial Day weekend... but it was a nice change :D

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More Gardening and Wesley News

Hello again! Our little garden is still just a-growin :) Our tomatoes are now, officially, taller than me! No short jokes, please ;) We did have a little mini-crisis last night, during the measuring routine though ... One of the plants, the taller one, had broken by bending over under the weight of one branch. Luckily it’s not the whole plant, but just one branch so that is a relief. They’re are now 3 support poles for each plant so we’re good to go for a little longer :)

In additional gardening news - my Bachelor Buttons in the front flower bed seem to have stopped growing and the Larkspurs just died out altogether! The Larkspurs were already having trouble and now they’ve vanished completely. The potted sprouts also died - I blame THAT on my inept watering though :( I think the potted ones needed more water than the flower bed since it’s under the porch and doesn’t receive rain... Anyways, I planted some more seeds this past weekend. More Bachelor’s Buttons this time and fewer Larkspurs... Then, yesterday, I was very surprised to see a new Larkspur sprout already appearing in the pot! So, this morning I went out to check on it... and it was gone :( BUT a new Bachelor Button has appeared so I guess it’s not a total loss...

And now, for Fun Wesley News :) He has successfully completed FIRST GRADE! Hallelujah! It’s been a very trying year because of a variety of factors and now we can relax and recover! As some of you know, he started the year at a Level C reading level (as in A is beginner, B is the next level and C is between Kindergarten and 1st Grade...) We have really worked with him with nightly reading and some flash cards.... Brad has really been GREAT at this, in particular... I am now very extremely proud to report that Wes is now a P PLUS reader! (As in 3rd Grade Level) *I’ll wait for your applause to die down* We are so incredibly proud and blessed, to say the least! The next time you see Wes, be sure to congratulate him on all his hard work and progress!

Also, his teacher gave each student an award based on their personalities.... It comes as no surprise that he received the Bright Smile Award based on his cheerful, good-natured self ;)

We are now basking in a happy glow and anxiously awaiting Summer’s REAL ARRIVAL!


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The First Blog

Ok I've just gotten us started here. I'm going to kind of re-post my last 2 blogs as a Beginning to Discussing our lives together :)

March 31, 2008 ~
Hello All!
I hope you’re all out enjoying the beautiful weather these days! We certainly have been! I thought I’d share some fun insight into this past weekend... So, Brad and I decided that we wanted to try our hand at gardening.. Specifically tomatoes :) And Brad had heard that Sweet 100s were the way to go :) Sounds great :) We headed up to Lowe’s to pick out some tomato plants and while we were there, Brad spotted a bell pepper plant to add to the list. I found some BEAUTIFUL hydrangeas but a price check made me leave those at the store :) Meanwhile, Wes wanted to plant something too... Only, he doesn’t like tomatoes and doesn’t care about peppers... So we let him pick out what he’d like to add.. and he spots it! Corn Seeds! Well ok then :)
So, we troop on home with our plants and his seeds... and we set to work on our back yard :) I mainly stayed out of the way and started a pine straw and pine cone burn fest while the boys dug holes and mixed soil and Miracle-Growed our plants :) It was a very busy afternoon to say the least! When we started planning where everything would go, we read the packets - plant these 18" apart... these 24" apart, etc... Well, when you plant corn it has to be a certain distance apart and a few per row so there will be plenty of pollination! They’ll be at least as tall as Brad... Oh My! We’re gonna have a corn field! *sigh* but wes is really excited about it... and he gleefully dug the holes for his seeds AND helped rake the yard! How very handy he is!

Later that night as we’re all resting and eating dinner I’m still thinking about those hydrangeas :( I realize that we don’t have any new flowers to bloom at the front door so I want to go back and look for some flowers to plant :) So, Sunday after church we head back to Lowe’s ... Wes asks, "Why are we going there again?" and Brad jokes that I was jealous of all their new plants and now I want something to plant, too... and Wes very sweetly asks, "Mom, do you want some of my corn seeds?"

:) Life Is Good.

May 1, 2008 ~
Ok.... it's a very sad announcement i have to make ... brace yourselves for the worst... something dug up and chewed on our corn! it was a staggering 12 inches tall one day and the next it was all laid over in the dirt :(

i'll try to see the silver lining - we did have some small sprouts growing in a tupperware dish and we were able to transplant them. we haven't told wes the news yet but we probably will tonight :( oh it's gonna make him so sad!

Also, there was a small pepper beginning to appear on the pepper plant, but it was also chewed off and laying on the ground the day after the corn massacre.

On a more positive note... we do have 3 small tomatoes that appeared yesterday so we are hopeful about that :) The tomatoes seem to be thriving - they're over a yard tall now which is just phenomenal!

So that is our garden update for now.

May 14, 2008~
We actually had several tiny green bugs appear practically overnight... They COVERED our poor tomato plants and were pretty gross. SO Brad wisely consulted with his mom and we now have 2 kinds of bug potions to try to fix this problem... I am happy to report that, other than that, the tomatos look LOVELY and there are SEVERAL little tiny green tomatoes on each plant :)