Thursday, September 25, 2008

Brad's First Day

Hello All! I just wanted to update ya'll on our little part of the world :) Brad started his new job yesterday and had a very positive experience! He said he'll be working with some great people and his boss seems to be ready and willing to teach him everything he will need to know! What a wonderful report! We were both nervous about how this would be but after talking to him last night I really can see what a positive experience this will be! Thanks to everyone who has prayed for both of us and please continue to pray as we still haven't found Our Home just yet! We know it's out there though :) And our realtor has a few new options lined up for us. We won't be able to go this weekend but maybe next weekend! As you can imagine at this point I am all about finding our house and Getting Settled!!!

In other news, we celebrated a Wonderful Occasion this past Monday while Brad was still in town... It was our One Year Anniversary :) In the past year, we have been so blessed and so happy that I can only imagine what the coming years will hold!

So I'll leave you with a fun photo from September 22, 2007 ♥

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Quick Update :) Time to Pray

Ok so we were unable to go to Meridian to look for a house after the time we took Brad's parents. Our Realtor now has 4 options to show us but with busy schedules we can't go this week or weekend. Next week, Brad will actually begin working in Meridian full-time – His first official day is September 24th if you want to wish him luck! Thankfully he will be able to go stay with his friend, Tyler so we owe him Big Time! In the meantime, I'll still be at home and Brad will come home on the weekends :( So we are now in full Find a House Mode! We would love to have your prayers and support in the tough time until we move!


Monday, September 8, 2008

Quick Photos

Here are two more fun Wes updates :)

That's right - He ate SHRIMP! and liked it!

and he's really improving on his bike riding :)

we had a fun co-celebration for my birthday and Mom Smith's

and, they sure know their audience! they gave me Chocolate Cool Whip - YUM! :)

In other news, Brad and I are off to Meridian again tomorrow - We're still houseless there ;) so I'll post any wonderful findings :)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

House Hunting and Republican National Convention :)

Just a quick Update :) We are still in process of House Hunting...We recently took Brad's parents to check out the 2 houses we liked... And I think the Chili Pepper House really failed the test :) It just needs too much work... But the other house passed with flying colors... SO.... We actually made an offer on the House with the Pool!! Now we will wait and see what happens. In the meantime, here are more photos of our Current Favorite House :)

Also, in case you didn't tune in to last night's convention I want to post Sarah Palin's Awesome Speech here :) She really knocked it out of the park and I was immediately impressed with her! I was already a McCain fan and now I'm a big fan of the McCain / Palin ticket! Can't wait til November!
the embedded files won't work so try these links:
and you can click "play all" to the right

and this one has the complete text of her speech...and underneath that, naturally, there are LOTS of negative comments :(