Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Day at the Flying Field

We have had a wonderful weekend and we capped it all off this afternoon by trying something new :)

Brad was working out in the yard or garage and heard the RC planes buzzing around across the highway so we decided it was time to go scope them out. We hopped in the car and drove right over. The guys at the flying field were all friendly and didn't mind having an audience :) They even put on a fun show. We saw really cool planes doing really cool tricks and even got to see a couple helicopters.

Of course, I always take my trusty camera with me - So I got a few still shots AND a few videos. I'll go ahead and warn you that the video quality is (at times) on par with some shady convenience store surveillance camera... But it'll give you an idea of the fun things we saw :)

Here we all are seated on Brad's trunk, enjoying the show :)

Wes needed his "binoculars" to stare into the bright sky :)

He claimed he was bored but these giggles tell a different story :)

We had beautiful blue skies all afternoon. Later, a few gray clouds popped up but we saw our entire show before then.

And, as we all know, anytime you go see something fun like all the heli tricks and plane aerobatics, you're bound to see something bad happen too - And right before we left, we witnessed this "landing"

All in all, we had a wonderful time and picture perfect weather. The pilots all warned us that they would encourage us to buy a plane in no time... Watching Brad and Wes watch the planes, I think the pilots might be right ;)

This was really impressive to us. The plane was just flying along and then went vertical and hovered there before going on about its flight :)