Sunday, September 12, 2010

Strange things are happening 'Round Here!

We came home from Smith Airways last night and Brad was still feeling highly motivated.

So he cracked open our tinted primer and primed our walls - the whole kitchen and living area!! And as he primed, we both started to notice how NICE it all looked. We thought the primer must be the same as the final paint color and won't that look nice :)

Until he painted over the wall with all our paint swatches We noticed a HUGE difference between the primer and our first choice color, Macadamia! The macadamia looked SO dark next to the primer... and the lighter "putty" color we had vetoed before looked alot like the primer... In fact, it was exactly like the primer...

So we realized we had a problem on our hands...

Do we stick with the color we chose or go with the putty color that we swore we wouldn't like?

So, right after church today, Brad painted a piece of scrap with the putty color and held it up next to the wall... It was too light and NOT appealing... And now he's painting Macadamia over the primer ... and they are the exact same color.


Stay tuned to see how this plays out!

In other news, Wesley got into some strange behavior today, as well.

We heard odd noises coming from his room and we *thought* we heard him announce that he was cleaning his room... It was confirmed when he fired up the vacuum cleaner!!!

A clean room, a made bed, AND a vacuumed floor?

He is up to something!

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