Sunday, March 25, 2012

Apparently, we're psycho...


It's been quite a long while since I've posted anything.

I thought I'd hop on here real quick to share what I think is a funny story...

We are revamping our front flower gardens - That will be a post all its own... In the process, though, it was discovered that we need an ax.  So, on his weekly Wal-Mart run, Brad bought all the normal groceries... and an ax.  The cashier was apparently dying of curiosity so she asked him what it was for.  Without missing a beat, my always serious and straight-faced husband replied, "We've been having trouble with our neighbors."  and then didn't say anything else! That poor cashier probably wished she hadn't asked anything!

So. Fast forward to yesterday afternoon. We're out in the front garden and all three of us are pitching in.  I'm running the hedge trimmer, Wesley is carrying off a massive pile of limbs, and Brad is hacking away with his ax.  Well, that cashier must have ratted us out because our neighbor looks over and asks, "What are ya'll doing over there? Burying a body?"  To which, Brad in all his seriousness replies, "No, but that would be MUCH easier than this!" 

Sheesh!  Do we look dangerous?  Maybe I shouldn't let Brad answer questions anymore.

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