Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Fruits, Veggies and Flower of Our Labor

Well, we've made it well into June now and it's High Time I posted some photos of our garden! I'm pleased to report there haven't been any new tragedies since the Great Corn Massacre or the Tomato Bug Debacle. :)

So, Without Further Ado - I bring you PHOTOS! :)

First, I will show Wes's new favorite garden item.... For his birthday his Uncle John gave him a packet of Mystery Seeds with planting instructions.. And, here we can see the very first one peeking out through the soil. His first guess as to what it might be was so cute, too! I told him the planting directions / clues and asked what he thought it was based on that and on what the seed looked like. He saw we had planted mostly fruits and veggies and read that they would grow to be quite tall so he guessed the mystery seeds would produce Apple Trees :D As for any who might not know what the Mystery Seeds are... Well I'm not gonna ruin the surprise so you'd better stay tuned!

These little leaves appeared in the space I cleared out for the Morning Glories so I am hoping / assuming that they've sprouted...

As for our pepper... What can I say? It's still practically the same size and shape as when we bought it... As you can see in the photo, some bugs have turned it into a snack... And, even thought it's been watered just as much as everything, it looks withered and thirsty :( Poor, Poor Pepper!

Meanwhile, Wes's watermelons are looking quite promising :) I wonder if they'll be as big as the ones you buy in the grocery store!

I'm excited to bring you Our First Bachelor Button Bloom! I call the following photos "the world's blurriest flower"

Rest assured, I am planning to get Brad to take a GOOD photo of the first bloom :) Obviously, my photos leave a little something to be desired!

And while I'm on that note.... How come this flower is so stinkin tiny?? All the ones I saw online were big and wonderful ... Even the seed pack had large blooms... What gives?

Here's an example of what I was expecting - See how nice and In-Focus they are?

And now - The Star of the Show - The Plants Everyone Came to See....


WOW, they are thriving and we've already had enough to give away! The first few batches kind of had an Italianny taste to them, but our latest crop was Sweet, Sweet, Sweet!

I've really enjoyed the garden this year. Seeing the progress as all the plants got taller and started producing various foods has really been fulfilling. Every night, after dinner, we all three look forward to checking out the crops. I think gardening is definitely something the whole family can enjoy and, more importantly, can do TOGETHER! I know my mom is very pleased with this "new concept" we've taken up :) Aside from my Larkspur situation, I think I must have gotten my semi-green thumb from her.

In other family news, we have a lot of fun things to come and that will mean more photos to document our adventures!

Hugs !

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