Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Vacation Bible School Photos

As promised, a glimpse at the fun we had last week during our Holy Land Adventure!

Here is our Whole Tribe on the First Night of Vacation Bible School :) We're getting ready to make crowns in craft time ...

Here, Wesley models the Official Tribe Bandanna for Zebulun :) Our tribe settled along the shore and harbored ships so we have a ship on our bandanna :)

Time for Crafts! Here, Wes is learning to weave his own cloth just like in Biblical Times .... With a little bright orange for good measure! :)
We might not have been underwater, but we learned about basket weaving :)

Here we are ready to head into the synagogue- I've got my head covered out of respect and Brad's wearing the traditional prayer shawl (ok, I'm sure that this one is more colorful than the "traditional" ones....) and he is wearing a kippah on his head :) In the synagogue, the men sat on one side and the women and small children sat on the other... Wes opted to sit with the men :)

We really enjoyed the experience and being together as a tribe each night. I think it is more meaningful to go through the process together and I really enjoyed being *right there* to explain it all to Wes as it happened... Especially during the dramas!

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