Monday, November 10, 2008

Packin Up • Getting Ready • Movin On

Hello All! We are in full-fledged Packing Mode nowadays! Brad is still driving back and forth every weekend, but his departure is more manageable now that we have an end in sight! (It's still NOT my favorite thing, but I don't get teary-eyed every time!)

So - this week is my last week at my job. I'll have my last official day on Friday. This week will be SUCH a whirlwind, too. Brad has Veterans' Day off and has to be in town Wednesday so he'll be home Monday night and all of Tuesday.. Then he'll be leaving again Wednesday only to return Friday! Pray for him with all that mileage he has to cover.

Meanwhile, I will be mustering a need to pack pack pack! The good news is that I can finally find the motivation to UN-DO all my pack-ratting! The bad news is our garbage men probably hate us by now! So pray for me as I battle boxes, stuff-itis, and packing tape!

Next week, the whirlwind continues....
Monday will be packing day and I *think* a fairy godmother may appear to help :)
Tuesday, I pack alone....
Wednesday, more packing and .... Wes's first ever FILLINGs at the dentist office.
Thursday - ~*~ WE CLOSE ON THE HOUSE ~*~
Friday, Wes goes back to have (sadly) more cavities filled. Then, Friday night will be time to load up the Moving Van.... so that...
Saturday - We MOVE!
Sunday - We sleep :)

We have a lot going on to say the least so and and all prayers will be appreciated! And do keep Wes in mind because I really have no idea how the fillings will go so having to go twice in one week might be killer! He's brave, but this will be tough.

After Friday my internet activity will be hit or miss until we get connected in Meridian. So if you don't hear from me for a while that is why.

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