Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Yes, We are ALL MOVED IN :)

Behold, the Happy Homeowners!
We are finally able to say goodbye to our crumbly old home and hello to a beautiful new home! Not only were we pleased to pack up and move out, but we're also thankful to be done with Brad's commuting! Needless to say I am glad to be done with packing but you know that only means the UNpacking is there to fill that void ;) We actually loaded and unloaded the truck on November 21 - with MUCH thanks to my parents, Brad's Parents, and Wes's Nana and Poppy for their tireless efforts both Loading and Unloading the truck - ALL IN THE SAME DAY! Without such an awesome crew, this would have been impossible! Then, the 2nd phase of moving began. Brad and I really put all our energies into getting settled quickly and I think the house is really coming together! We have MOST of the boxes fully unpacked and everything is being put into its proper home. The kitchen, I think, is completely set up and I can tell we're gonna really love all that space! We never had enough room to all be in the kitchen at the same time and now we can all be baking and not step on each others' toes! How cool is that?!

Lastly, We have been working on decorating our home. As some of you know, I've collected lots of artwork over the years .... Well now that I can finally hang it up and see it all together I really feel like this is OUR HOME! We've also gotten to put up our Christmas tree and it just looks gorgeous! I'll leave you with a sneak preview of the decorations... You can't see the WHOLE tree until our Christmas cards are sent ;)

It won't always be so messy, but here we are surrounded by BOXES!
Anyways, we've been very busy with more than just moving in :) This past Sunday, we tried out our first church and we really liked it! Actually, it turns out, the pastor is related to some friends of ours! Hmm, maybe it IS a small world afterall! We really enjoyed the atmosphere and the people at the church and the Sunday School class just seemed to welcome us with open arms and everyone was just SO friendly! It's a small church in a small community so almost everyone instantly recognized us as Visitors and made us feel so welcome! What a great experience!

In other news, Wes started his first week at his new school yesterday and we can already tell he's loving it! We took a tour and he was really paying attention to all the details. Then, when it was time to go into his new classroom, he waltzed right in and joined the other kids seated on the floor! I really think this is gonna be the beginning of an awesome new chapter for him! And check out how SHARP he looks in his uniform:


Jenn said...

Yea!!! I'm so excited that you're moved in and getting settled! We'll have to stop by and see the new casa at Christmas! :)

The Smith Family said...

Yay! I love that idea! How fun! I can't wait!