Tuesday, April 14, 2009

TILL We Get A Garden!

For some reason, it feels like we really haven't gotten our Vegitable Garden started yet! And I think Brad must be feeling the same because this past weekend he decided to get started! What did we need? A garden spot... What is the manliest way to create a garden spot? A big, honkin' tiller! So, off to Sears we went and you can see by Brad's smile that he found just what he was looking for :) Here's a glory shot for my male readers:

Female Readers: I totally found a huge sale while we were there and got 3 new tops for $4.99 each! Oh, and some cute purple garden gloves!

*ahem ahem* ok - Back to the tilling business! As you can see, Brad knocked out a perfect garden plot and now we just need to get our plants hardy enough to endure the windy yard!

As for me, I've been enjoying a fun, super-girly side project. A friend at church needed some tee shirts designed for her studio's upcoming dance recital :) Needless to say, I was quick to volunteer! I got to sketch cute little ballerina's and she seemed pleased with the results :) Check it out:

I've also been working on Wesley's Birthday Party - May 2nd will be here before we know it! So, I thought I'd whip up a batch of test cupcakes. The results were delicious, but not exactly aesthetically pleasing... The tops didn't rise so I had 24 flat-topped cup cakes with some parts of the top left stuck to the pan... Oh well! I also mixed up some orange frosting... After adding s-e-v-e-r-a-l drops of food coloring I settled for peach... That's a pretty color but it's NOT what I was going for... There's a reason I always leave this to a professional!

This past Sunday was Easter - We went to church and were joined there by Chuck and Jullia. The cross out front was decorated with flowers from members' yards and really turned out beautiful.... though not well-stabilized. After church, we headed back home to fire up the grill and hunt for some eggs. The food was (of course) delicious and almost all the eggs were recovered - Thank goodness for FAKE EGGS!

Other than the tiller adventure, tee shirt excitement, Easter, and cupcake disaster, Life has been pretty simple... So I'll leave you with a few recent shots:

Sometimes the simplest things in life bring the most joy -
Here, Wes enjoys his favorite: chocolate milk.

This item was also on sale at Sears- Probably wasn't $4.99 though ;)

Wes still likes the option of fixing his own hair... on weekends ;)

A rare, but sweet quiet moment :D
Makes this momma's heart smile

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