Thursday, April 2, 2009


Did I tell you about the Beautiful Ranunculus Linda brought last weekend? I am really enjoying the intricate purple flowers and it just keeps on blooming :)

My various azaleas are doing really well too - All my typical pink ones are blooming moderately well, but I think the winter may have been too rough on them to expect too too much... Some of them barely have leaves, let alone FLOWERS :)

But check out this deep crimson one that is in our front garden - I've never seen such a beautiful color on an azalea before:

So I think I have 4 main colors and if the white ones will ever bloom I'll have 5 :)

Wes and I are really enjoying the warmer weather and longer days :)
Wes has been hard to keep indoors long enough to finish homework! Makagan and David have become regular fixtures in the backyard and I think they're learning to all get along pretty well.

When the hammock broke, Wes figured out a new way to hang it up and Here he is enjoying the fruits of his labor with Makagan:

And, as you can see, it's strong enough to hold THREE boys :) Here they are with David:

Too bad it's not summer time QUITE yet... We are still trudging through this school year. Wes had a great report card this month - 1 A, 2 B's and 3 S's (satisfactory) No C's !! So we are really thankful for his improvement and all that hard work!

Unfortunately, he did not meet his AR goal of 9.5 points :( I'm not sure HOW he could have reached the goal since they are only reading books worth 1/2 a point and he can only take 2 quizzes per week... How can he earn 9.5 points in 9 weeks? Anyways, I got the school newsletter this week and realized Wes is not the only one having this problem. One page listed all the kids in the various grades who reached their AR goal... Here is the 2nd Grade list (teacher names are omitted to avoid causing problems)

Since parents can request teachers at this school I have already started talking to the assistant principal about Wes's options for next year. Needless to say, I won't be voting for the 3rd grade teacher with the least AR goals met... Pray for Wes to have a much better experience next year! He deserves to love school and to have a teacher who loves school, too!

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