Saturday, March 28, 2009

Linda and Cary Come to Visit

We had a great time when Linda and Cary came to visit us :) They arrived last night and stay through to this afternoon - There was plenty of fun to be had with pizza and grilling and lots of Clue! Brad and Cary even squeezed in a ride on their mountain bikes... Nevermind the buckets of rain that poured last night! A little mud won't deter a real cyclist ;) So here a few pictures from their visit :)

We ended up playing Clue well into the night and I think a good time was had by all!

Ok so you can't see it in this picture but Linda and I are modelling our Clue tokens... I was Prof Plum and she was Ms Scarlett... Linda has a New Version of Clue so the pieces were pretty cool:

Wes challenged Cary to a Pictionary game first thing this morning... I think it was a tie!

Yep, It's me and Brad being smilie :D

And Linda and Cary being Sweet

Setting out on their muddy adventure!
I think the ride wore Brad out...

Oh, and there was ONE casualty during last night's storm... Sadly, Our Leaning Tree leans no more...

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L said...

You forgot to post the yummy recipe for the cream cheese thing you made for breakfast. So delicious! Yummers!