Friday, March 27, 2009

New Flowers and Dead Clover

I just wanted to share a few quick pictures of our first azaleas and one micro daffodil :) Enjoy!

These Bright Pink / Magenta azaleas are in the front flower garden :)

These Light Pink azaleas are just beyond the back fence and are smaller than typical blooms

It may be hard to see on this picture, but this bush is going to make TONS of flowers... soon - Can you see the buds all over? I'm relaly excited about this one... Even though it's off in the Way Back Yard

These are gonna make for a really pretty bush - the flowers are a pink coral color

Brad was testing out some poison in the back yard (aka Clover Killer)

This is one of a handful of teeny tiny daffodils that opened up this morning. Most of them are light yellow but there was one or two that were yellow and white :)

I planted this hydrangea earlier this week - It was a gift from Mom Smith and I can't wait for it to bloom! I've been feeding it coffee grounds in hopes of Blue Flowers :) Pink would be ok, but I already have SO many pink azaleas around the yard :)

This is basically our entire vegitable garden... so far :) The only thing not planted here is the corn and some spicy peppers :)

These are the beginnings of our Cherry Tomatoes

and these are the orange tomatoes - I can't wait to take pictures of them because they're sure to be pretty :)

Brad got this cutting of a fig tree from his mom and we'll see how it does :)

Ok, this might be my favorite picture.... It's my Irises! They have JUST peeked out through the dirt :) Yay! I can't wait to see them grow and bloom!


Jenn said...

Y'all moviated me so I have some little flower seedlings that are about the same size as your veggies. When I figure out how to put pictures from the new camera on the computer I'll get them up so we can compare plants. :)

StephAnie said...

Awesome! What kind of flowers did you plant?