Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gardening Time Again

It's Official! Spring is headed our way! Thank Goodness! So that means it's also time for the garden updates to begin :)

First, the tulip I spotted on March 1st is still blooming beautifully :) But sadly, it still blooms... alone :( I thought there would be more of them but so far only one ...

We saw the yellow daffodils all come and go and this new breed popped up a few days ago... It's pretty, but it's no purple tulip ;)

My freesia bulbs have new growth making its first appearances so I am really looking forward to their delightful fragrance :)

Brad's blueberries are now safe and sound in the ground - With black landscaper cloth to keep the grass out! And already new leaves and brighter shades of green are showing up :) (even SINCE this picture was taken a few days ago)

My rose bushes also are now planted in place under our bedroom window. I hope they grow well with our lack of Rose Experience :) I can't wait to see the blooms!
I also planted several poppies and larkspur seeds in peat pots.. Initially, the poppy seeds produced little green shoots and I was thrilled! Then, the larkspurs sent up a few green shoots and I was ecstatic... But now the poppy shoots have all withered and disappeared... What could have happened? I've been very diligently watering everything so I'm a little confused! :(
And, also, I finally planted my iris bulbs (rhizomes?) They are a beautiful purple bearded variety... I've always loved irises and supposedly bulbs (rhizomes?) are fairly easy to take care of! I really cannot wait until they start growing!
Speaking of growing, I have one small Wesley update, too. :) I always add new foods to his diet with a hint of fear that he'll absolutely despise it and a temper tantrum will ensue... So, you can imagine what went through my mind as I made tacos the other night. I wanted to ease him into the idea so I made a small taco salad on his plate - Crushed tortilla chips, taco meat, cheese, lettuce and a few tomatoes... He made unhappy complaints but knew he wouldn't be off the hook until he ate. So, he opted to eat all the tomato pieces and then the lettuce and I thought he was putting off the spicy meat for last... But after he ate the lettuce and tomatoes he declared that he was glad that was over and there was nothing but yummy food on his plate. So I had to ask, "Do you like the rest of your taco salad?" and he said, "Well, yeah, who wouldn't like meat, cheese, and chips?" Who indeed!

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