Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Camping with Chuck and Jullia - March 6-8, 2009

The weather sure has been beautiful these past 2 weeks - We were glad to take our Annual Ivey Camping Trip this past weekend so we could truly enjoy the sunshine and spring breezes :)

There were a few technical difficulties before we arrived so Brad and I ended up joining Chuck, Jullia and Wesley in the RV instead of pitching our tent... annnd I think Brad thought that was plenty cozy because we didn't even LOOK at the tent for the rest of the weekend :( That means there will be MORE camping in the future to make up for this Tent Deficit ;)

I had never been to Roosevelt State Park before and was pleased with how pretty and peaceful it was - We even had a beautiful lake riiiight across from our site :) There was a small beach down the road and sand castles were quickly underway on Saturday :)

Other than the sand castle, there weren't many activities this weekend. Wes created a few treasure maps for the grown-ups to follow and we all were successful in the hunt for the Hidden / Buried Golf Ball.

We also played at the park and wandered around on meandering walks :) Sunday morning, Brad and I finally stumbled upon a hiking trail so we grabbed Wes and headed out.... Only to hit a dead end within moments!

All in all, it was a delightful, restful weekend full of delicious food!

No camping trip would be complete without transforming the RV into a light show :)

We thought we were going places!

Wes peeks out of the RV door :)

The end result = one tired, happy little boy

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