Friday, August 21, 2009

Photo Time

Hello All! I don't have much new to report from our neck of the woods. But, now that I'm acclimated to my commute I thought I'd share a few fun images from the downtown area :) Enjoy!

Here is a lovely church and I snapped this photo because the blue sky and clouds made it so picturesque

This was a beautiful image from my morning commute last week :)

Brad and I have noticed an interesting trend around our new hometown... We've seen McDonalds, The Flintstones and now... Skittles in this unique format:

These two businesses REALLY shouldn't advertise next to each other :)

I love love love this old sign downtown - The paint is perfectly peeled!

This building is one of the more ... um... interesting ones I've spotted so far:


This is a neat view of the bridge they're repairing. Can you see the large chunk that's missing?


This car repair shop has a fun sign - It says, "Home of the Ugly Bunch" :)


I love this sign too - I think it's awesome! I want to have Brad take Black and White photos for us to hang in our home! Then again, full color would be fun too!


I'm saving the very best image for last.
You're gonna think I photshopped this one, but I assure you that it's 100% real and not at all touched up or manipulated.
This photo was taken August 11th and I was so taken aback by the beauty that I promptly texted my two neighbor friends and told them they HAD to come out and see this:

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