Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fun Christmas Commercials :)

Well, it has happened again. The Christmas commercials have arrived and Foldgers has a new sentimental commercial that makes me tear up! Have you seen it yet? I can't find it on youtube, but the premise is this: a brother comes home from being away in West Africa for a long time. His sister has waited up for his arrival and they go to the kitchen to make coffee (naturally!) He hands her a gift. She smiles then takes the bow and sticks it on him saying, "You're my present this year" *aw!!* I tear up just remembering it - Reminds me alot of an old favorite:

And who can forget the Hallmark commercials with the Father of the Bride couple!

This year, we've really been enjoying the Target commercials for their 2-day sale. Have you seen them? They feature two very different sisters preparing to Christmas shop :)

I LOVE the face the blond makes at the end of this one:

We laugh EVERY time this one comes on:

and lastly:

Hope these put a grin on your face like they do for us :) Enjoy the coming month with all the festivities :)

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