Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day for Brad

This year Wesley really wanted to make Father's Day special for Brad. So first thing in the morning we made brownies and by brownies, I mean, Festive Brownies!

Wesley also set up an itenerary for the day. We had to eat brownies and open gifts and take a walk at the Reservoir and play Uno...

Wes chose a really cool gift for Brad - and that requires Extra Special Wrapping :) *be sure to notice the curly cues on each corner :)

He couldn't wait for Brad to open it and was climbing all over him and pacing around excitedly waiting for the big reveal!

It's a new WWII wii game that is right up Brad's alley. You can see what it's like by clicking here.

As you can tell by the smiles - It was a wonderful day!

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