Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fun with Food

To me, nothing could taste better than food seasoned with pride. It could be something you proudly grew in your own garden or something new you are proud you prepared... So, that's what we have this week.

I'm impressed with our pizza tonight - I made it on our pizza stone then topped it with mozzarella and five-cheese blend, pepperoni, tomatoes, and green peppers. Brad decalred it to be my best pizza yet :)

Next up - Wesley is SUPER proud of...

Learning to make Jello

Oh and Wes is also proud of

His... First Ear of CORN!

Brad and Wesley went blueberry picking last weekend and Brad created these Awesome Monster Muffins! They're huge and delicious!

Speaking of food that's huge (and delicious) - Have you seen our Humongous Burgers?

We cut them up and everyone gets a slice :)

And now for the sweetest food I've seen all week.

Wesley made his very own Special Breakfast this morning - Cinnamon Toast.

I distinctly remember learning how to make that when I was little so it was sweet to see him making it today :)

And, amid all the sweetness, there's always room for the Real Wesley to shine through!

1 comment:

Jenn said...

Yum! You've had some tasty treats at your house lately! Puts our pb&j to shame! ;)

I love the new blog look too! Very cute!