Monday, November 8, 2010

Green Woods Field Day 2010

This weekend, we headed back to the Smiths' house for a fun-filled weekend! And for the first time, Baylor was along for the trip. He was an EXCELLENT dog and didn't get into much trouble... There was one incident where he glimpsed freedom and ran after it... Luckily, Wesley was there to save the day!

 Saturday morning, we had a Green Woods Field Day.  Many of the Oziers and Smiths were able to attend this informative meeting / tour.

There was also time to take in the scenery and enjoy each other's company...

Terry even took Wesley on a four-wheeler ride which, I'm sure, earned him massive cool points!

The scenery was gorgeous and so peaceful and the weather was perfect!

I'd say everyone had a wonderful time! Doug, Jenn, Sam, David, Brian and Steph C were all greatly missed!

I enjoyed getting to spend some time with this side of my family and to see a glimpse of Brad's grandparents through the woods they cared for and the legacy they left behind...

Some of us had a little too much fun!

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