Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

It's that time again! Halloween time! aka Wesley's favorite holiday :)

In keeping with a Smith tradition, Brad's parents joined us for a fun-filled, jam-packed day!

The first stop was the Fall Festival at church! (You know, home of the free bulbs!!)

I only have a handful of other photos so I thought I'd do a top 5 list from the day.

(Unfortunately, I managed to NOT get any pictures of mom and dad smith!)


I love this picture because it really shows how much Wes has grown lately!! He's gaining on me!!


Wesley was really good at all the games - I think we were most impressed when he played putt putt because he scored a hole in one on the first try!! Naturally, I didn't have a camera ready for that shot... SO, here is a photo of another game he played.

Wesley dressed as a vampire this year. My favorite part of the whole outfit is his shoe selection...

Really completes the look, don't you think??


I really do love this picture because it is Wesley completely in his element. He was more excited about setting up the lights and fog machine than he was about trick or treating. I snapped this picture because I think it will be one of his favorite halloween memories :)

This is MY favorite halloween memory :)

After the lights were unplugged and the candy was all given out... Brad and Wes sorted through the loot together and had a great time giggling at the weird ones ("Who gives out PRETZELS on Halloween??") and splitting up the "good" from the "bad" (Wesley still doesn't like Snickers??)

It's no trick, seeing my two guys getting along and being buddies is quite a treat for this Mom :) 


Anonymous said...

That's hilarious that pretzels were in your "weird" category because at our house pretzels were in the "thank goodness one nice lady gave out pretzels so there's something in this bag that Macy can eat!!" category. ;)

On a side note...we can't believe how much Wes has grown! He's going to pass us all soon!!!

The Smith Family said...

I'll save the pretzels for Macy - They'll be right next to your pumpkin ;)

And as for Wesley's growth - I am starting to wonder when he'll tower over me (along with Brad!!) My nephew just passed me this year and he's 13... Do I only have 4 years left??