Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Baylor the Legal Beagle

Recently a friend posted this picture with the caption:

Is anybody missing a beagle around the Collinsville beach area? I went walking this morning &; he hitched a ride back home with me & Snoopy &; has decided he kinda likes it around here.

Then, he made his way to their neighbors' house... At which point I remarked how cute he is... To which I was told:

Stephanie, I think you need this dog!! He is really friendly and is good with kids!!

Neither of the families was willing to take the dog into their homes since they already had pets...

So if the original owners didn't turn up and no new owners claimed him, he was headed to the pound.

And, well, that's really all I needed to hear :)

Brad and I talked about it over the weekend and agreed that this beagle needed a home - OUR Home!

So Monday morning a homeless beagle was delivered to the Collinsville vet for a thorough check-up. And Monday night, the beagle came home with us.

We took our time showing him around and letting him get to know each of us.

Here, Wesley acts as a sweet tour guide (who can't stop smiling!)

After we were all acquainted, we had to figure out what to call this new dog. Many names were considered and we held a vote - Baylor came out on top and so our beagle was named :)  

At first, we weren't sure what to expect so we let him roam inside while we were home and outside when we were away. That wouldn't work for long with winter coming, so we let him stay indoors one evening while we were at church... and well, he's not quite ready for that yet... While we decided what to do, we let him sleep in the small area outside our bedroom.

Then, we researched crate training and how many dogs love having their own cozy retreat. We had seen Baylor in one area over and over and thought that might be "his spot."  So off to PetCo we went :) 

We came home with a shiny new crate and an assortment of toys... All of which were well-received.

Brad rubbed a bacon-flavored treat on one bone and it is now the FAVORITE as you can see here:

In fact, this cloth bone is so well-loved that Baylor often takes it to the back door and whimpers just waiting for the chance to bury it where it can be safe and sound!

We are still learning all the nuances of his personality and he's learning about being a Smith, but so far, I think we're all happy with how this new addition is turning out. And we're pretty sure he likes it here!

Baylor is a very good dog :)


Jenn said...

Welcome Baylor! I'm so glad that y'all have a new member of the family. I know Wesley is thrilled! :)

Aunt Vicky said...

Congratulations, your gonna love having Baylor. Little Bit has seen me through some tough times and even gotten me through alot of them. Baylor is one lucky dog!!!