Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring is Here!

I am so thankful that Spring is making its annual debut! I have had enough Winter and cold / dreary weather!

And, with Spring comes a variety of flowers.

Our beautiful trees in the front yard are in full bloom making me and the birds very happy :)

All the pansies I planted in the cold months are blooming wonderfully with the sunshine beaming down on them!

The yellow and orange ones are Wesley's so we periodically go check on them so he can see that "his" pansies are doing well. I can't wait for him to get back from seeing his grandparents so he can see "his" snapdragons are putting on new buds!!

I have several tulips blooming, as well... And I won't even blame Kim. This time, I purposefully planted several pink varieties! Wouldn't you know they all came in first?

Seeing all the flowers smiling in the front yard looks much more impressive in person (you're welcome to come see for yourselves!)

And, just for fun, I would like to bring back everyone's favorite game:

Name that Plant!

I have noticed some of my tulips are on little short stalks the first year they bloom and then the 2nd year they are normal height....

But now I have these new flowers that aren't showing any stalks under the beautiful little flowers...

Any ideas what these might be: 

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Linda said...

Although they're normally yellow or purple, any chance the mystery flowers are crocus?