Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sunday School

August 2010

We have VERY MUCH enjoyed our 11th grade Sunday School class and we were sad to see them move on to the 12th grade class this month.

I feel like we've had a great time, we've learned alot and we grew pretty attached to our small group...

We averaged about 4 or 5 kids each week and were able to really get to know them.

We attempted to go on a Ski Trip with some of them and then actually MADE IT on a ski trip with one... We saw one rise up and accept the call to ministry... We saw one get baptised alongside his entire family when his little brother accepted Christ... We saw another baptised when she realized she had never taken that step in her walk...

We didn't know what to expect when our new batch of students arrived this past Sunday.

 We were in for a surprise!

I knew we were getting a few really great kids because I knew some of our 10th graders and I was excited to see them coming...

What I didn't know was that we'd have SO MANY!

August 2011

Please pray for us this year as we try to reach and teach a larger group of kids. Pray we'll have the discernment to teach them the lessons they each need this year (even when we're not IN class).

Thanks for any and all prayers :)


cheryl said...

It's a blessing to see you and Brad walking in faith...and touching so many lives in special ways.

The Smith Family said...

Thanks, Mom Smith! I always appreciate your encouragement!!