Thursday, December 20, 2012


When I was deciding what to give Wesley's teachers, I tried to think through something they would all want that was also affordable. I know they probably get lots of things that they appreciate, but then they're stuck finding a home for yet another mug or what-have-you. So, I knew I wanted to give something that would get used up. I thought homemade cocoa and marshamallows would be unique... Who doesn't like cocoa during the supposedly cold winter months??
Alton Brown provided the Cocoa Recipe and Smitten Kitchen provided the Marshmallow Recipe.
The directions for the marshmallows were deceptively simple and {with wonderful help from Brad} they came together in a snap. I am still a little mystified to think that *we* made actual marshmallows...
kind of gross beginnings...
Brad's first task was to oil and sugar our pan. He did it with his usual level of perfection and precision:

Then we waited *and waited* for our sugary syrup to come to the magical temperature.

They really started to look marhsmallowy after we whipped up the egg whites. The mixture turned white and fluffy right before my eyes.

Brad poured the goo into the expertly prepared pan.
The next day, we had mugfuls of perfect hot cocoa
(mine needed more stirring)
Brad tried one toasted and happily reported it tasted just like a toasted marshmallow.

We also learned that the Chewbaca Mug likes marshamllows.

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