Saturday, February 7, 2009

February is here!

By now you've probably all heard my complaints about Wes's school work - I know you read about the AR situation... Well, more commonly I complain about his math assignments! It just blows my mind that his 2nd grade math would be difficult for me to understand! No jokes about my math skills ;) So, the other night I thoguht I'd take a picture of one particularly frustrating section of his worksheet. See what you think of this - I erased his answers on the 1st two so you'd have a chance to see what you think should happen and then left his answer to the last one to see what we ended up doing... No clue if we did it correctly though

In other news, Kim came to visit us last weekend and we had a really really great time! SOMEHOW, I managed to take a few pictures but none of them are of us! :) I tried to make her room really cozy and added flowers, etc...

She made her famous Chicken Cordon Kim and Chocolate Stuff, too! YUM! (as you can see, Wes devoured the chocolate leftovers!)

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Jenn said...

I think we have the same workbooks...and yes, it's crazy confusing (and I HATE that math series)! It makes so much more sense to teach regrouping once you actually need it to subtract or add...otherwise the kids (and parents) just think that you've lost your mind. I never teach my kids regrouping just to teach how to regroup. If you need any help, I speak the language. :)