Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jerry Nelson

This morning at work was going along just like any other day - Then, a man poked his head through the door to ask where the nearest library might be. Since I'm so *great* with directions I called one our ministers up to my office for his assistance. Through the course of the conversatiuon we are introduced to Jerry Nelson:

He is riding his bike across the country to raise money and awareness for homeless veterans. He began this ride in North Carolina and is on his way to California. He even mentioned a need for some bike parts. Since we don't have a bike shop in Collinsville, I called my dear sweet husband for his input. Turns out, he had some extra bike tubes that he let Jerry have. He also needed some new tires so Bro. Wade drove him to the Meridian bike shop. They returned just in time for lunch so several of us ate lunch with Jerry and heard some more of his testimony. I won't steal his thunder because you can read more about him and his trip at www.journeyamerica.org

It was really neat to meet him because he's not like the people we are around all day every day. I am glad I got to help his journey in a small way and am glad my sweet husband was so generous, too.

I have to say that after the few hours he was at our office, it was a little sad to see him go.

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