Saturday, April 3, 2010

Raising a Boy

Well, something has happened to my sweet, neat and tidy little man - He's been replaced by a rough and tumble, messy boy!! You've probably already heard me complain about how many pairs of pants and shoes have been destroyed this school year. I've been surprised to discover, though, that Wes can do more than put holes in the knees of his khakis... Lately, his pants have come home looking like this:

I'm considering buying stock in Spray n Wash!

In other news - I have a challenge for my fellow gardeners :) We spotted these super fun Dr. Suess looking purple leaf plants at several businesses here in Meridian - I can't seem to find a name for them online though... Does anyone know what these are:

Aren't they fun? I would love to plant some in my garden :)

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L said...

I believe you're referring to ornamental cabbage or decorative kale. Check out the link below. You can also Google it. The ones in the picture are really past their decorative stage and will probably soon be cut back. Little yellow flowers will spring from the tops of the cabbage around the time they start to look like tiny purple trees. I have seen them before to purchase at Lowe's and Home Depot. :)

Happy reading!