Thursday, May 5, 2011

AWANA Ice Cream Olympics

Every year, AWANA goes out in style by hosting the Ice Cream Olympics. It's basically field day with Ice Cream in every activity... Oh yeah, and the kids get to eat a Sundae with all the toppings they can stand :) After everyone is good and sticky, they get rinsed off on the Redneck Water Slide.

This year was just as much fun as last year, despite the chilly weather.

And we had a massive turn-out. Take a look at this crowd:

Here is Wesley trying to warm up after his umpteenth trip down the slide. He thought he'd warm up and eat some ice cream!

After grabbing some sundaes, Wesley found some friends to hang out with.
He looks like he's Up To Something, too!

Here is his pal from across the street, Clare :) 

And, for a small taste of the fun, Check out this video of Wesley going down the slide for the first time.
Judging from his reaction at the end, I'd say he loved it!

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