Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Roses in bloom

What could be more beautiful than these roses?

The "red" ones that Kim convinced to bloom in a dark shade of pink are from Valentine's Day 2010. The Peach ones are new for 2011 :)

I have to say the peach ones are positively gorgeous in person and they are more fragrant than the previous ones... and they remind me of my favorite Barbie from my younger years :) Anyone else remember Peaches n Cream Barbie? I wanted her dress SO badly when I was little... and you know what, I still kinda do :)


Anonymous said...

I remember that Barbie! I wanted her dress too! I remember being convinced when I was about 7 that I was going to have a peach prom dress...didn't happen (so thankful I missed prom in the 80's!)
Your roses are gorgeous! Makes me want some rose bushes...

The Smith Family said...

We need to pack you up some rose bushes. I doubt they're for sale now b/c we bought ours in February... Remind me next year and I'll snag you a couple :)