Monday, May 9, 2011

Birthday Party & Mother's Day

We had a VERY busy week last week!

Tuesday, Brad went to the church to prepare for Wednesday.
I stayed home to clean for the weekend.

Wednesday was the Ice Cream Olympics (you can see in a previous post how that took over our evening!)

Thursday was May 5th. A pretty important day :)


After school, we stopped by Cup of Hope for a little treat. He didn't like the sound of any of the cupcakes (I did, but he didn't) so he opted to try a chocolate chip scone instead. 

After the snack, we had to finish up a science project (only the 3rd this year...) We were making a model of a plant cell. Since it was assigned and due during his birthday week, I thought Wes would enjoy making it as a cake :)

And didn't he do an awesome job? 

Then, Thursday night, we had a very special dinner! Pork filets with baked potatoes and the very last ears of corn from Wesley's crop. What a special treat! As you can see in the photo, he LOVED it! 

 Finally, after the project and dinner, it was time to open gifts!!
We gave him a Ripley's Believe It or Not book. ... and he couldn't believe it!   :)   In fact, he was so fascinated that he almost forgot about his other gifts!  (almost)

The 2nd gift was a bit of a mystery.
What could it be?

Computer Parts!! Brad and Wesley had a wonderful time putting the pieces together to make Wesley's very first computer!

When Saturday arrived, it was another crazy day!

We started the day off icing a LOT of cupcakes. Then we headed to Collinsville Day for lunch :)

After that, it was...

~*~ PARTY TIME ~*~

All the usual fiesta supplies were on hand...

Sombreros for all the kids...

and some of the adults!

Even a pinata - from Mexico no less!
The newspaper stuffing was in Spanish!

 I have to say the party was a complete success - everyone seemed to have a great time and the food was yummy.

After the party, we were all pretty exhausted. My parents stayed in town so I got to briefly see my mom on Mother's Day before they headed back to Birmingham.

~*~ MOTHER'S DAY ~*~

We had a good service Sunday morning and a wonderful breakfast for the ladies :) Then I headed home with my 2 favorite guys and was spoiled with relaxation, fun, and gifts.

Brad gave me 12 (!) petunias to plant in the front garden. I waited for it to cool off outside, but finally I couldn't wait any longer. I now have 11 bright pink accents and 1 purple / white plant. Can't wait for them to grow and grow :)

I logged some time playing video games with Wesley before I was presented with a beautiful purple flowery frame (custom-wrapped by Wesley himself)

I love the frame, don't get me wrong, but my favorite part was the card...

It says, "To a Mom who is terrific, fun, caring, a great cook, special, helpful and most of all.... very, very loved"

I certainly FELT very, very loved.


MomS said...

Super sweet card Wesley! I agree with all that you said. :)
That's the most amazing plant cell I've ever seen...yum!

StephAnie said...

I told Wesley you liked his card and he was visibly proud of himself :)