Saturday, June 16, 2012

Alfredo Sauce!

For his next lesson, Wes was learning the process that can lead to Bechamel Sauce, Gravy, or just a soup thickening Roux...

He was in charge of stirring flour into melted butter and making sure nothing burned in the process.

I had not mastered Bechamel Sauce in the past and always ended up making a thicker gravy-like sauce. For some reason, the ingredients all came together perfectly this time and I can just bet Wesley had something to do with it!

Doesn't he look like a pro?

I had cooked some chicken the night before in a Greek with Feta dressing. I added some steamed Market Fresh Sugar Snap Peas to the penne after it was drained, then I stirred them into the sauce. It was a delicious hit with the whole family!

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