Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

We have had a wonderful day full of love and appreciation for Brad :)

There were also a few gifts ...

Brad was especially *thrilled* to be handed a Bath and Body Works bag teehee

Wesley scored the biggest hit, though, with his hoola dancing card! It sings AND dances and entertained all 3 of us :)

I gave the boys each their own stationary with fun stamps. They'll be able to use these to write to each other during Brad's training. Wesley got orange stationary and the Mail a Smile Pixar Stamps. Brad got army-colored stationary and Bicycling stamps. I think they were both surprised and pleased!

While we DID let Brad relax most of the day, I had to put him to work for dinner...

But we ALL agreed it was worth the team effort!

I made broccoli and potatoes while he grilled steak and bell peppers for us.

To describe just HOW delicious it was I will say this: Wesley, who normally takes more than an HOUR to eat dinner every night... ate his entire plate (which was the same amount of food as I had) in a mere 22 minutes!

We are certainly enjoying our time with Brad today because we know it will be all too soon that he heads off for training.

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Wesley said...

Wow that was fast