Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Sous Chef

Tonight, I had a little help in the kitchen!

Wesley saw me working on some small potatoes and asked what he could do to help. I let him chop them into quarters and we boiled them. I had already shaken and was bakin' the chicken so he missed out on that fun step. I added a steamer bag of mixed veggies and we had a delicious meal ready in no time flat!

My Little Sous Chef hard at work
After he chopped up all the potatoes, he washed the knife and the cutting board off.

He asked if there was more he could do to help "besides the cleaning part." I put him in charge of the steamer veggies, but since it wasn't time to start them yet he wandered off and lost interest.

The Delicious Results
While we were eating, Wesley said he really enjoyed his meal and that it was more special because he had helped. He asked if he could do more "stuff like that" again soon.

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