Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Bulb Post

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, we won two cases of bulbs in the Fall Fest cake walk. So, as promised, I will show you all the awesome flowers I hope to plant in the near future.

As you scroll through, you'll see the quantity and price on each package - so keep that in mind as you see just what we got for FREE! (AND, keep in mind that this is only half the prize since Cheryl also got two cases of all these flowers)

On some of the flowers, if the photo I scanned doesn't do it justice, you'll find a link to a better image :)


First up, there were a few varieties of daffodils:

In addition to the daffodils, there were a variety of tulips
These are called
"Happy Generation"

And there was a mixed set of tulips, as well.

And, a bag of 40 Ile De France Tulips

The next tulips are aptly named Beauty of Spring

There were also 30 Anemone bulbs for each of us... I've never grown them before but they look like my kind of flowers :)

There was one set of Dutch Iris bulbs and Cheryl left those with me since she already has Irises in her garden.

Another special flower that I am *really* excited about is the Ranunculus Linda gave me a pot of Purple Ranunculus awhile back and I LOVED them until I killed them. So... Now that I have 15 "bulbs" to plant and I *will* be victorious! I just found this article that makes it sound so easy to grow them :) and I know Wes will love the color:

Another new flower I'm looking forward to growing is the Paperwhite. I love how people plant them in
clear containers and let the roots show. So beautiful - and I hear they smell lovely too. I want to plant them somewhere in a glass in the kitchen.

One of the plants that I am most thrilled to try is the Hyacinth! They're beautiful, fragrant and they come in PURPLE!

Now, we are drawing to a close - I've saved the two most spectacular surprises for last.
They are both a variety of tulip...
First up, we have the beautiful Abba Tulip
And, lastly, the most striking, most surprising treat in the box (there was only ONE package so I split it with Cheryl)
The gorgeous and unique...
Queen of the Night Tulip
Isn't it so beautiful?

So, now you know what I'll be up to in the next few weeks!! Bring on the sunshine because I want to go play in my garden!

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