Friday, April 29, 2011

Cup of Hope

There's a new hangout in Collinsville and it's serving up tasty treats for the much-needed afternoon pick-me-up!!

When they first opened I went for lunch and scored a Scrumptious Pepperoni Pizza Panini and a to-die-for Caramel Apple Cupcake!  (yes it really did taste as amazing as it looks... maybe even better)

Wes has been realllly great all week - even his report card was almost all A's :)

If THAT doesn't warrant a treat, nothing does ;)

So we went back to our new favorite place and even hung out there to chat and munch :)

When we arrived, he went straight to the glass display case and gazed adoringly at all his options.

It was a tough call, but he finally settled on the Vanilla Marble Cupcake.

I opted for the Dark Chocolate Frappe.
(You can see Hope, the owner, in the background)

While we were hanging out, a large group came in and looked over the menu. I noticed them eying me and whispering... I began to wonder if I should feel self-conscious...

Finally, one leaned over to me and whispered,  "What are you drinking?"  and then the whole group had to have their own Frappes.

Judging by the crowds that are always there, I'd say that this new hot spot is here to stay :)

One way to sum up the idea of just how many people are going there is to say that I saw people I didn't know :) In THIS town, that's saying something!!

So the next time you come to see me, let's go grab a cup of hope :)

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