Monday, April 11, 2011

Fun-Filled Weekend

Wesley spent the weekend with Nana and Poppy this past weekend so Brad and I were left to our own devices.  And unlike past weekends, we did not spend the whole time cleaning or resting at home.

The first order of business was an actual date! Thanks to some friends of ours, we have discovered a Thai restuarant near Collinsville.  Neither one of us had had Thai food before so we tried it out a few weeks ago and have been trying hard to find a way to go back without our picky eater in tow.

I have to say, the first time I went was a little yummier and a whole lot spicier than this time.
I had chicken stir-fried with bell peppers, scallions, ginger and bamboo shoots. It was a unique blend to say the least.

You may not can tell in my photo, but my meal came served on a pig-shaped platter. Oh, and check out how they serve the rice in a flower shape:

Brad had a Red Curry and it came swimming in a fish-shaped bowl.

After dinner, we took a stroll through our brand new Tractor Supply Store. I had never been to one before so imagine my surprise and delight to discover baby chicks for sale!!

After visiting Tractor Supply. Brad had one more activity planned for Friday evening.

He was ready to teach me to drive his car..... I only killed it once, but it wasn't exactly smooth sailing either! Hahaha Brad was an excellent teacher, though, and very patient and encouraging! Too bad his seat won't scoot further forward. I could barely push the clutch all the way down! Look how far I am from the wheel!!

Saturday morning we had plans with some friends to go play Disc Golf. This was a first for 3/4 of the group and 1/4 had played once before. So we were definitely looking like a group of PROS!! Hahaha

I think we all spent an equal amount of time playing on the path and in the woods! We had a blast though and are already planning to play again - maybe with a bigger group!

Here we are before our first round:

And our friends, Joe and Jennifer.

The final scores on the first game were as follows:

Joe - 32
Me - 45
Brad - 46
Jennifer - 54

and the second round was a little closer... among the first-time players at least!

Joe - 27
Brad - 41
Me - 43
Jennifer - 46

We *might* not invite Joe next time  ;)

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