Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mayflower: Captain's Log

The phrase "captain's log" in my mind is always followed by "star date..."
ok, had to get the nerdiness out of the way.

This is Wesley's latest school project. Please notice how often these keep popping up!
This time he had to write a journal from the perspective of one of the explorers headed to the New World. He chose Columbus on the Mayflower which made research a whole lot easier :)

My first thought was that we would need some antiqued paper.

So I brewed some coffee and tea and soaked a ton of paper...

The drying rack added subtle lines that made it easier for Wesley to write in a straight line... most of the time :)

While our paper was aging several hundred years, Wesley researched in a modern way :)

As he drew his pictures for the journal, he got even more high tech. He looked up images and sketches of the Mayflower to draw from... on his iPod!

I have to say, I'm very impressed with the finished product!

The antiqued paper was well worth the effort... and smelled yummy, too!

A close-up shot of the binding...

The first entry (click the photo to enlarge)

A later entry:
(we found these dramatic facts HERE: )

Here is Wesley's rendering of the first meeting between the Taino Indians and Columbus :)

I am pleased with Wesley's work on this project, but I am praying we can take a break and maybe take tests or do vocab for a while :) We don't want any more craft projects for a while!!

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