Monday, September 12, 2011

Orange Danish Cookies

I spotted a cookie recipe recently at... of all places, Stephanie's Kitchen

Normally, I love baking, but I haven't taken the time to do it in quite a while. This recipe made me want to get back in touch with my long-lost mixer!

Since he was grounded from the tv, Wesley agreed to help.

He lasted long enough to measure the flour and have his picture taken... then he was off to bigger and better things!

While he measured the flour, I zested my orange - This was my first zesting experience and it was everything I thought it would be :) I happily zested along enjoying the sweet, orangey smells :)

Then, I added it to my sugar:

Before combining the zest and sugar


The dough came together easily and beautifully. It did take about 5 minutes longer to bake than the recipe said. Even then, there was barely any browning on the bottoms.

The glaze also came together beautifully and made decorating a breeze :)

They turned out looking and tasting more like Orange Danishes than "orange-glazed cookies" so I think that Orange Danish Cookies would be a more fitting name!

Don't you think?

Of course, I showed you the photo from the original recipe...

And my little glamour shot of the cookies.

Now for the more accurate portrayal of what you're getting into with these cookies!

You can tell where I held the bowl over the pan and it kept drip- drip- dripping in ONE PLACE!

I must confess, those cookies in the puddle were the BEST ONES!

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