Tuesday, September 6, 2011


It's that time again.

Time for School projects!

Wesley already completed a lovely poster about Vermont...

For his next project, he had to create an Indian dwelling.
Originally, he had his heart set on the Cliff-Dwelling Indians...

But that was a little more than we could handle...

So, next we suggested he build a pueblo:

Pueblo de Taos

After we convinced him it wasn't pronounced "pew-blow" he got on board :)

Brad remembered that his mom and sister built a pueblo out of floral foam so off to the craft store he went :)

This is the first stage:

While Brad prepared the outter coating for the foam, Wesley constructed the ladders:

I was so proud to watch him taking his time and being SO precise!

Brad painted the pueblo with his airbrush to create a nice, even coat... Here you can see Wesley happily supervising :)

I helped him coat the base with sand (from his sandbox!) and we added a sign to the front of the building.

I'd say it turned out well. What do you think?

The final step was to get Wesley prepared for his presentation.
After a few practice runs, I recorded this:

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Jenn said...

I remember that pueblo...it was so cool! (I didn't remember that we made it out of floral foam though). I had to make another Native American home that looked like a dome that we covered with birch bark...just for future knowledge. ;)