Monday, May 18, 2009

How Our Garden Has Grown!

Ok - I'll start with a few flower updates and then I'll get to the garden people really wanna see :)

My hydrangeas are still super healthy, but they aren't growing by leaps and bounds anymore... And, I've seen buds and blooms on other people's hydrangeas, but not mine :( I guess I'll have to wait til next year ..


My Canna Lillies are still rebuilding all their foliage, but I don't think it's quite time for them to bloom...

And, just after Wes's birthday party, I was pleasantly surprised to discover a new type of Daylillies in our front and back gardens - So this brings the total of varieties up to three :) I'm really enjoying my Surprises :)

The orange rose bush has put on two buds so stay tuned for those photos in the next blog... AND, after the first white rose bloomed and faded away, that bush put on an impressive shoot of new growth. I'll update those photos next time too...
And now without further ado,

It's Vegetable Garden time :) As you can see in this next photo, the left side is really thriving and making visible progress. The right side is still trucking along, but at a slower pace. That's ok as long as there isn't another upsetting Corn Massacre!

This picture was taken May 14 -
And the next day, Brad made cages for the larger tomatoes:
AND, he discovered THESE on the Yellow Pear Tomato:

The cucumbers are still growing at an impressive rate!

AND, they had a little secret under their leaves:

But, to the rest of the garden's dismay, the zucchinis continue to outgrow them all - Just Look at how much they changed in 10 days:

Wait, I don't think the above photo quite conveys it - Here, let me establish the scale for you - Those are my hands and they're about the size of one leaf:

And, the zucchini was hiding a surprise too - Take a peek:

And, last but not least, Wesley's corn is still growing and LIVING - we have been keeping an eye on a few rascally rabbits though!


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