Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day - 2009

What a wonderful Long Weekend we have had!

Brad really wanted to spend some time with Wesley so the first order of business was to make ROLLS! Wes made a complete batch of rolls from start to finish all by himself! Brad dictated the recipe and Wesley did all the actual mixing, rolling, etc. It was a really sweet process to observe and I can tell that both Wes and Brad ate it up!

They were DELICIOUS! Wes is a great chef!

Next, Brad had a hankerin' to play Go Fish and was SHOCKED to learn that Wes didn't know how to play - THAT had to be fixed right away! Wes took to Go Fish and loved it from the start! I think you can tell that they both were having a great time :)

Mastering his poker face:

Wes was able to put his newfound Go Fish skills to use right away - Grandmom and Grandad came to see us on Memorial Day! We had a lovely visit, grilled some burgers, and played some cards! We all had a wonderful time!

And, now on to the garden updates!
Tropicana Rose that we expected to be orange (based on the package they came home from the store in) have turned out to be a stunning hot pink color. We now have two in full bloom and they are just awesome - they catch your eye even from the Way Back Yard!

Also, our first freesia bloomed this weekend and I am so pleased with the little purple flower (and the buds up above it!!)

I was very thrilled this morning when I spotted the first Canna bud out my kitchen window! It's the perfect height to see while I stand at the sink :)

The zucchini is really growing quickly - and now there are TWO competing for our attention! The race is on but I think the bottom zucchini will be the first thing we harvest this year!!

Not to be outdone, our cucumber plants have started trying to grow their first cucumbers

One last thing: I've been impressed with the range of colors popping up in our gardens - Now, I can officially say our lilies are dripping with color!

We've really been enjoying all the flowers and vegetable plants this spring and they continue to remind me of God's infinite creativity! But perhaps there is another lesson He is trying to teach me - The promise of the Good Gifts that are yet to come - I think the white rose bush is a perfect picture of this promise:


L said...

And there you were questioning your green thumb earlier. ;-) The plants look great! Isn't it fun to watch in amazement?!

Those rolls look super yummy!

StephAnie said...

I have been amazed - the daylilies must be fairly easy to grow because they're flourishing here :)