Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

This past Sunday was Mother's Day and I surely had a wonderful day :) We went to church and that was lovely, as always. Then, we headed home for some lunch and presents :) But first, I insisted on a few photos while we were all dressed up :)

Wes could really only handle one or two photos so he headed inside while Brad and I took a couple more :)

At school, Wes made this beautiful heart-shapeed ceramic bowl on a pottery wheel :) That was a pretty cool experience for him and I received a lovely gift :)

He also created this fun banner for me - Each Heart says, "ILM" which stands for "I Love Mom" :) It's decorating our kitchen table now :)

Brad gave me a mandolin slicer (which I have been BEGGING FOR) it's like this one and I LOVE it:

My beautiful white rose fully bloomed just in time for Mother's Day - Isn't that cool?

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