Monday, May 4, 2009

~*~ Wesley's 8th Birthday ~*~

It's that time of year again - Time to celebrate the day Wesley was born! It's sooo hard to believe he's 8 years old! Needless to say, we celebrated in style!

We were really blessed to have so many family members able to come to town for the special day - all 3 sets of Wesley's grandparents were able to come!

This year, Wes wanted a luau party and he has declared orange as his favorite color so I took those two themes and ran with them!

I tried my hand at making a few new things this year - I've never made a fruit salad before and I don't THINK I've served toothpick skewers before. I'd say they were both well-received. Next time, I'll be sure to make MORE pineapple ham skewers since they ran out first ... I just wasn't sure if other people would like them... now I know! And, I think Whales Crackers have been served at every Wesley Party since he was old enough to eat them! They are one of the many traditions 'round here!

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that Connor enjoyed the cheese "Totem Poles" and I know Kim liked the ones with cheese and olives :)

In related news, I just love this picture of Connor! He is growing up to be one handsome fella! Wish the cheese weren't in the picture or this would be a framable picture !!

Wes received some really great gifts and I can tell everyone put serious thought into what he would enjoy - He's one lucky little guy!

Makagan came straight from his ballgame and got here just in time to join in the fun!

How many relatives does it take to play a keyboard? :)

Wes gets his first-ever scooter lesson on his new ride!
There were certain complaints that I'm always *behind* the camera so this photo is for you! :) You know who you are!

I loved Teresa's use of her umbrella straw.... Come to think of it, I love umbrella straws, too! What a great invention!

I think my house handled its first party rather well - Everyone could wander freely and the couches were great for sittin' and chattin' :)

The bubbles were a hit with the kids :)

Everyone is all smiles - Even though Anita tried to dodge my camera! Ha Ha, I caught her!

The family portrait with the birthday boy - another tradition!

And, the hand portraits with Pappaw :)

The End.

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